Saturday, September 8, 2012

A good friend of mine is going to kill me for posting this.. but I think it's a good representation of what this new rubber bowling pin can do..

What happens when you pack the wrong stuff in your bowling bag?

Watch the video

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We'll have Bowling Pins Shortly!!!

This is a bit of a distorted view of my new rubber bowling pins! The shape is the same shape and size of a REAL bowling pin because it was molded off of a REAL bowling pin.  It's a thin soft vinyl just like a Nielsen bottle...

The should be available around the middle of November.. hopefully earlier!

Reserve one now.. I'm only having a few hundred made.. and when they're gone, they're gone.  The retail price will be about 80 bucks.. give or take.. and worth every amazing penny!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Custom Work! Tables for the San Francisco Magic Parlour

Walt Anthony is opening up his magic parlour show in San Francisco
and asked Wack-o-Magic to build the centerpiece and side tables for the show.

The requirement.. other than the elegant design, was that they pack absolutely flat. The hotel wouldn't give him much space to store his show that runs Thurs-Sunday and during the week it has to pack into a TINY space. This includes the STAGE, Props AND the tables..

So.. we came up with this design.. and they do pack absolutely flat.. and set up easily and sturdily. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back from Vacation and going full steam ahead!

Wack-o-Magic is gearing up for a busy end of summer and spring..

Things I'm working on:

The NEW Bowling Pins will be arriving in a couple of months. They're super shiny, super smooth, seamless, and SOFT... Think of  a bowling pin version of a Neilsen Bottle!! 

A Dovepan birthday cake the likes of which you've NEVER seen!!  It's going to look like a REAL birthday cake.. not a piece of foam.

A Vanishing Bandana Bandana that's MADE for the routine.. It's a bandana that's plastic lined for easy cleaning... and it's made a bit bigger to hold a banana.  I'll also be offering an option of including one of my rubber bananas with it for those that can't get banana's and need an emergency backup.  The routine is always funnier with a real Banana...

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!  The rest of 2012 is going to be exciting here at Wack-o-Magic!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thanks to Jeff McBride and the rest of the attendees at the IMX Convention in Las Vegas

Thanks to Jeff McBride for saying some VERY nice things about Wack-o-Magic and buying a Grymoire and a GIANT Devil's Handkerchief at the booth!

His exact phrase about the Devil's Handkerchief  "What a GREAT utllity item, I've never seen one made this big before."...

Yigel Mesika and Bill Abbott both loved my Topsy Turvey Bottles.. (All the weirder because Yigel is the invisible thread guy!!)  Bill Abbott's quote was "The best Tricky Bottles I've ever seen."... even if he didn't get the name right.. we all know what he meant!! I'm humbled.

Raymond Crowe said some GREAT things about the Ultimate Dancing cane and gave me permission to add some of his dancing cane moves to my directions... as long as he gets the credit where it's due.. and OF COURSE I will.. he's a super nice guy, and a genius performer!

I have to say the reaction to Wack-o-Magic was exceptionally positive at the IMX convention... People RAVED about the Grymoire and the Tiny Tricky Trashcan... and of course the Topsy Turvey Soda Bottles and the Dancing Cane was a big hit.. and sold out... but it seemed that people REALLY like the stuff that I build and that Walt Anthony writes the routines for..  We make a spectacular team...

Pictures from the IMX Convention!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

WHEW! Sometimes it's hard keeping a secret... actually it's ALWAYS hard to keep a secret... but I think I've done a good job with this one.


I've painted them.. and added something that I don't think has EVER been added to a rubber production item... a SEALED FLEXIBLE DECAL!!  The "bowling supplies" decal won't crack, or come off... it's sealed onto the latex in the gloss coating... 

The price is not cheap... but they're not cheap to make. They're thick so that they keep their shape, and The cost of latex recently went up 25%... and that's on top of a price increase 50% from about 10 years ago.. Blame it on rubber gloves being made for a rising medical system overseas.

At any rate.. they're good for productions.. or for the old bottle in the paper bag routine..  or whatever your imagination can come up with!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

grimoires... AK!!

I laid out the newly printed Grymoires... and found out that 18 pages were mis cut.  I'd QUADRUPLE checked it.. and I'm not sure if it was me or the printer... but it's wrong at any rate.. and now it's being reprinted.

This will set the release date back 2 weeks. That makes me a bit sad. 

They're not going to be cheap.. but they're going to be pretty.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 “The ESSENTIAL Magic Table!”
Attractive, Versatile, Practical, and Professional in every way!
Finally! A lightweight, sturdy, professional worker’s Magic Table with storage… Like everything that Wack-O Innovative Magic builds, this was researched by asking many top performers what they required. We cherry-picked the best practical ideas...  and designed our “ESSENTIAL Magic Table!
Read ALL Our Innovative Design Features:
Ø    Our professional grade lightweight table packs-up your whole show for easy travel! Sets-up and dismantles in seconds. Features an interior shelf for small props, plus adjustable dividers on the inside.
Ø    Large 17” x 15” working surface, and a 12” deep prop area, for maximum practicality and flexibility. On its frame the table is a perfect 34 inch working height.
Ø    Our deluxe table skirts are a versatile black with contrasting edging. Velcro around the rim secures the covering, or you can add your own drape or banner.  
Free! Velcro attached black servante and ditch-bag!
Ø    Four burnished aluminum legs are for stability, and the feather-light framework collapses into a tidy 3” by 30” bundle that fits in the included shoulder bag. Solid metal ball-casters with a rating of 100 lbs. each, are stylish, elegant, and easy glide on and off the stage.
Ø    Heavy duty textured-naugahyde top slides from back to front, the sliding top doubles as a table extension, while allowing easy and ample access inside the table.
Ø    Large handles to lift and carry, make sturdy and handy bungee-cord clips when it’s on a dolly or luggage cart. Covered in “roadcase” quality laminate, resistant to scuffing and marring.
Ø    It Locks! After the show simply turn the key and you're free to talk to talk to your audience, or just to keep the contents safe until you get home.
The “ESSENTIAL Magic Table!” is compact…
yet compliments your act and enhances the look of your entire show
…and makes you look like the pro you are.
Wack-O-Magic’s new “ESSENTIAL Magic Table!”
Only $399.00
(actual destination shipping rates apply)

Monday, March 12, 2012

The New GRYMOIRE's are at the printer.. and thats where the work is just STARTING

Over 32 hours of graphic design work over the course of 3 days.. and the Grymoire's are finally at the printer..  That's where the work just BEGINS!! These props are going to be ART!! BEautiful, wonderful amazing incredible ART!!

Can't tell you much about the storyline.. but WOW... Walt and I have really out done ourselves.. there's an adult bloody version.. and a kids version with green goo...  I hope I sell a thousand of them.. but I can't imagine making a thousand of them!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a NEW TABLE from Wacko MAGIC!!! I can tease you a bit..

Wack-o-Magic is making a table.  As with ALL of wack-0's stuff.. it's the best it can be, made out of the best materials for the job, and no expense was spared to make it practical, correct, and yet.. light in weight and brought to the market so as not to break the bank!
Perfect for magicians, face painters, and balloonatics!!  the size is 18 x 15 x 12.. with adjustable dividers on the inside.. a little shelf to keep stuff you have to keep handy, and IT LOCKS, so  you can walk away to do socializing after the show and not worry about people getting into your equipment.

The stand it goes on folds VERY small.. and is on ALL Metal, yet still attractive casters!

This one goes on FOUR legs... and has a fabric wrap that makes it look a bit more like a table.. and I can custom make one from your design for extra cost.

Here's a TEASER ... but it's not done yet!! It's getting CUSTOM MADE black aluminum trim.. and hardware!!   Right now.. I ONLY HAVE FOUR of these.. and though I can make more... I can't guarantee the price after these.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NEW MIsMADE Monsters!!

After nearly 6 months of being unavailable, i have a limited number of Mis-Made Monsters!!!

These are super limited.. and each one is hand made.. hand painted... and beacause of this.. no two are exactly alike.  Some of them are more different than others, the monster's jacket may be a different color, the castle may be a bit different, the stand may be different.  The workings however.. are all the same.. and there are small improvements over the first run.  The Magnet in the castle can't come loose anymore, as it's embedded deep into the plastic now.

The monster is lighter in weight, but is JUST as strong...

Friday, February 24, 2012

New stuff coming at Wack-o-Magic

Wack-o-Magic is building a new magic table.. it folds super small.. and turns into a full size practical table.. with two shelves.. on wheels!!

Wack-o also will release a super creepy routine this year with a Grimoire!!

and Walt Anthony and I have teamed up with one of the top bully experts in the country to come up with an anti-bullying routine that EVERY school show and library  magician won't want to be without!

Now that I'm moved into my new space.. I know that 2012 will be VERY exciting for Wack-o-Magic