Thursday, July 28, 2011

More exciting news and new products.

The THIRD batch of Topsy Turvy Soda Bottles has sold out!!!  That's 100 bottles in 45 days...

So.. I have a new batch of pieces on their way... and they will be done and assembled mid week next week.. the Second week of August, 2011.

I'm also coming out with a matching SILKOLA.. This is not your grand dads silkola.. there's a story about secret recipes.. and corporate espionage and great audience participation.. and none of the "vanish the silk by your favorite method"... we send you EVERYTHING!!  It will be (in Wack-o-Magic Tradition) the best materials and routine possible.

I set the wheels in motion for the ULITIMATE dancign cane.. there has NEVER been one like it.. and probably won't be another. These will be a super Limited edition of only 100 world wide.  They'll be so light you won't believe how they float.. but it's thinner than any other cane EVER.


I've been making so much Rubber Fruit that I've worn out the first set of molds.

So... today I went into the shop... and made brand new molds for the rubber orange, lemon and Banana.  I just sent a dozen Bananas to Practical Magic in the UK.. and they looked GREAT!!

I really do carry the best rubber banana on the market if I do say so myself.. but I don't.. ALL of my customers have said it for me.. over and over.

And.. I don't make people wait 6 months to a year like some companies...