Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dancing Cane NEWS!!

I got all the parts in for my new edition Dancing Canes...  The molds are half done, and I chose the color for the new cane and the knobs.

I REALLY wanted to get the knobs vacuum metalized.. but alas, that was not meant to be. They'll still be metallic, but not reflective like I wanted.  There are limits to modern technology... and the price point of the cane.  Those both worked against me for the vacuum metalization.

However.. I can GUARANTEE that these canes will be the lightest, most beautiful canes ever to hit the market.

Umlike my first canes, they WILL separate for travel so you don't have to carry a yard long tube.  It was the most requested of all upgrades, and I took your advice and found a way to make it happen.

I'll get you all updates as i can... and show you some in progress shots as I can.  I can't show the process, as it's a trade secret.. but I'm sure you understand.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The new SILKOLA's are closer than ever!

I have a new Silkola coming out... The GREAT BIG COLA HEIST!!

These props have SEVERAL sigfinicant improvements over every other  Silkola sold before.
#1: They come complete, Bottle, Tube, Specially Printed Silks, A silk Vanishing bag, and a lazer cut special bottle cap.

#2: The rod in the tube has a beaded end.. no more poking holes in your silks.. this one is so gentle.. because the silk is so much biger.. 12 x 18!!

#3: The routine makes sense.. follow a couple of thieves during their GREAT COLAS HEIST... and watch as the secret recipe is stolen, vanishes, and reappears in the Cola Vault!

I'm so proud of this item, and the amazing story that Walt Anthony has come up with. 
Here's a preview of the silks!