Saturday, August 17, 2019

A question about the OBJECT TO IMPOSSIBLE LOCATION theme....

Every time a magician does an object to impossible location... the denouement of the routine is supposed to be the revelation of the verified object inside the object of impossibility. However, the audience reaction after the "vanish" always comes as the lemon, wallet, or box or whatever is brought into view. 

The actual revelation and verification of the bill, coin, phone, card or whatever seems secondary  to many audiences.

During most bill to lemon routines, including the routine I used to do, the big audience reaction comes when the lemon is presented  because the audience knows that the bill or ring or other object is inside.

How do you move the audience expectation to the ACTUAL end of the routine? When the bill, card or whatever is actually produced and verified as the same object?

There's always polite applause at the revelation of the signed/ borrowed thing, but the big reaction always comes at what I would consider the "wrong spot" in the routine.

I feel it's a conditioning problem.  Audiences are EXPECTING their object to be in the impossible location, but the big gasp comes at the wrong moment which SHOULD be the revelation of their object. not the presentation of the object.

The question is.. what can be done to move the reaction to the verification of the object... the signature or whatever as proof?

I've had long conversations with some of my smartest friends... and we haven't come up with a "best" solution.