Thursday, July 18, 2013

I just realized that I haven't had a blog post for almost 4 months.. that's not because nothing is happening here at Wack-o-Magic!  It's because I've been so BUSY!!

Wack-o has a NEW WEBSITE!!!!  visit me at

It's still going to  have some small tweaking, but it's finally at long last... done-ish.

I've also been working on a new prop (actually a few of them..)   but this one is super special!  It's an anti-bullying routine with a familiar prop that's been re-designed by one of the top conceptual designer in both fashion and film.

The prop is being called TALLER OR SMALLER and will premier at MAGIC LIVE in Las Vegas in August.. and will be available to the general public through Wack-o-Magic and on a VERY limted basis from Hocus Pocus Magic

I have a wonderful time travel prop coming out as well probably in Sept or Oct called The Infernal Contraption. It's a sort of Square Circle.. but in name only. This is highly decorated in  true steampunk and comes with a routine that includes Thomas Edison AND Jack the Ripper.  It will also come in two sizes.. I think it's about time that someone put out a TRUE stage size Square Circle that isn't Ugly and covered in inapproriate stencils and yellow fringe.

I'm going to tip the general idea behind the end of the year project.. and that's I'm designing and making  MAGICAL FURNITURE!!!  That's right. Architectural Quality furniture that you can use as a piece of furniture 98% of the time, but then you can actually do a magic trick with it that's been familiar to you for generations, but has NEVER beeen seen like this.  I'll have a bar

table version that's even BETTER a few months after the coffee table version

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hi! It's been FAR too long..

I can't believe it's been 5 months since my last blog!!!  Far too long!!

Part of the reason is that Wack-o-Magic has been busy.. I fulfilled a GINORMOUS order for Murphy's magic supplies.. 600 Boxes went out of the wack-o warehouse at the end of January.
I'm working on some new stuff... a new version of the Jack Hughes routine for the Giant and Dwarf.. with permission from the Jack Hughes estate!!!  It'll be a wonderful anti- bullying routine for kids shows and library performers.  I haven't finalized the materials yet.... but the prop has a GREAT pedigree.
The artwork is by Jarrett Fajardo, a super talented production designer from the Bay area who's art skills are only matched by his joyous outlook on life.

The routine, of course written by Walt Anthony will be reviewed and approved by one of the top bullying experts in the country. Author of several Anti-Bullying books.

In addition, I'm working with Walt on his prop for THAT INFERNAL CONTRAPTION..  new take on the old Square Circle ... with a SteamPunk Prop and a routine that will knock the razor out of Jack the Rippers Hands!!!!

I'm also gearing up for my booth at the MAGIC LIVE convention in VEGAS.. if you haven't heard of it.. it's a once every other year event at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas thats widely known as the best magic convention on the planet.  It's over 80% sold out of about 1400 seats for this year.. Get 'em before you miss out on the ONLY convention that I'm doing this year..  Meet me in person!! and Walt too!
Pictures will be coming shortly of how AWSOME the booth will be!!