Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Shipping Dept...

In between the new Dancing canes.. the release of the Great Big Silkola Heist, and R & D on new upcoming items...

I found the time to make new room in the Wack-o-Factory for a dedicated Shipping Area!!
 What you don't see is the new hardware to hang the 750 feet of bubble wrap I buy at a time.. which will hang next to the box shelves.

you can see Tiny Tricky Trashcans waiting for assembly.. and my zig zag... a childhood dream.. which is awaiting a new paintjob and some re-sizing of the box.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dancing cane news... good and bad...

The new dancing canes are in production.  Sadly, they  will NOT BREAK IN HALF  for travel and storage.  I thought I'd found a way to make them easily store and still have them perfect, but, when I did the R&D I found it was not possible to keep the weight to a minimum and still have the aesthetics and the function still perfect.... so they will store, once again, in a 36" mailing tube..

The picture is of the cane nobs.. mid manufacture.. not painted or finished.. I just posted it to give you a preview of what the shape of the knob of the cane is going to be.  They were cast off of a REAL brass knob.. and there is NO SEAM running over the top of the knob..  in fact.. on many of them, there is hardly any sign of a seam at all!  I found a GREAT way to minimize any casting lines... a feat I'm particularly proud of!  It was a problem with the last edition that I finally found a way to fix!

However.. they're still SUPER LIGHT.. average weight is just 58 grams.. that's only a fraction over 2 ounces... the Creekmore canes were over 6 ounces...

Even with the lack of breaking in half.. I still think these will be BY FAR the best looking and most practical dancing canes EVER on the market!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dancing Cane NEWS!!

I got all the parts in for my new edition Dancing Canes...  The molds are half done, and I chose the color for the new cane and the knobs.

I REALLY wanted to get the knobs vacuum metalized.. but alas, that was not meant to be. They'll still be metallic, but not reflective like I wanted.  There are limits to modern technology... and the price point of the cane.  Those both worked against me for the vacuum metalization.

However.. I can GUARANTEE that these canes will be the lightest, most beautiful canes ever to hit the market.

Umlike my first canes, they WILL separate for travel so you don't have to carry a yard long tube.  It was the most requested of all upgrades, and I took your advice and found a way to make it happen.

I'll get you all updates as i can... and show you some in progress shots as I can.  I can't show the process, as it's a trade secret.. but I'm sure you understand.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The new SILKOLA's are closer than ever!

I have a new Silkola coming out... The GREAT BIG COLA HEIST!!

These props have SEVERAL sigfinicant improvements over every other  Silkola sold before.
#1: They come complete, Bottle, Tube, Specially Printed Silks, A silk Vanishing bag, and a lazer cut special bottle cap.

#2: The rod in the tube has a beaded end.. no more poking holes in your silks.. this one is so gentle.. because the silk is so much biger.. 12 x 18!!

#3: The routine makes sense.. follow a couple of thieves during their GREAT COLAS HEIST... and watch as the secret recipe is stolen, vanishes, and reappears in the Cola Vault!

I'm so proud of this item, and the amazing story that Walt Anthony has come up with. 
Here's a preview of the silks!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The new Silkola... Wack-o-Magic has met the 21st Century

The bottle caps to the new Silkola.. being precistion LASER CUT!  SMOOOOOOTH Edges!! No Snags...  and it was SO COOL.  My shop just got a laser cutter.. and a CNC machine.. There's almost nothing that I can't make now.. as soon as I learn the programming.. or hire a designer...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More exciting news and new products.

The THIRD batch of Topsy Turvy Soda Bottles has sold out!!!  That's 100 bottles in 45 days...

So.. I have a new batch of pieces on their way... and they will be done and assembled mid week next week.. the Second week of August, 2011.

I'm also coming out with a matching SILKOLA.. This is not your grand dads silkola.. there's a story about secret recipes.. and corporate espionage and great audience participation.. and none of the "vanish the silk by your favorite method"... we send you EVERYTHING!!  It will be (in Wack-o-Magic Tradition) the best materials and routine possible.

I set the wheels in motion for the ULITIMATE dancign cane.. there has NEVER been one like it.. and probably won't be another. These will be a super Limited edition of only 100 world wide.  They'll be so light you won't believe how they float.. but it's thinner than any other cane EVER.


I've been making so much Rubber Fruit that I've worn out the first set of molds.

So... today I went into the shop... and made brand new molds for the rubber orange, lemon and Banana.  I just sent a dozen Bananas to Practical Magic in the UK.. and they looked GREAT!!

I really do carry the best rubber banana on the market if I do say so myself.. but I don't.. ALL of my customers have said it for me.. over and over.

And.. I don't make people wait 6 months to a year like some companies...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The last ones for a while.... sorry

I have some big film projects coming up.. since they are hard to make.. and they take up (to be honest) more time than they're worth.. This is the LAST BATCH of Tiny Tricky Trashcans for quite some time..

So.... get the last 14 avaiable while they're here!  This is the last of them!!

I'm in SHOCK!! WHo'd thunk that rubber walnuts would be a best seller??!!!

Half of these are fake.. and half are real.. and who'd have known when James Riser contacted me almost a year and a half ago that I'd have sold rubber walnuts faster than anything else Wack-o-Magic has made.
I've sold over 8 dozen.. and more orders come in EVERY day!  Often for 4 or more at a time.   It's just REMARKABLE!!!!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


TWO of these are not real... and they're not finished yet, they almost fooled me straight out of the mold... unpainted and unfinished.

they're kind of a pain to make.. so they won't be super cheap.. but you'll only need to buy them once!  They're durable, super soft urethane. They'll  be completely washable in soap and water... and because they're rubber, they're soft.. so they won't TALK for certain tricks that will remain nameless.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a rant from an illusionist... oddly... written in 1990... and it's still relavent!!

 There have been several books published on illusion in past years, but none have focused on presentation, the key ingredient that so many illusion shows lack.  Several of the books also stress the importance of originality, but none offer any specific suggestions to foster original thought or any exercises that promote creativity.

Originality and creative thinking are not things that one does naturally or because one is told to.  These are things that must be taught and cultivated like fine wines and pearls.  Performers and other artists are told from an early age to adopt a style and are often told to pick someone whose work they admire and use them as a role model.  Rather than use this role model as a teacher, they use the inspiration to make a copy.  Like most copies, the original is always better.

Unfortunately, most parents are the worst offenders at promoting this, and not encouraging individuality.  From birth, kids are taught morals like, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."  They are encouraged to "dare to be different" and then are ostracized for not staying within a prescribed norm.

During early performances,  no matter how bad or awkward, the parent is usually the one to say  "Wow! That was wonderful" They do this for a variety of reasons, primarily to boost the performer's fragile childlike ego and as often as not, to keep from seeing the same trick, dance step, song or whatnot, over and over and over.  I was very lucky when I was younger. When I loused up a trick, my parents would tell me and try to work out a better alternative.  When I started inventing my own magic, they would tell me when an effect had merit and when it did not.  I know that they became tired of seeing my Zombie routine over and over, but they told me what they liked and disliked This helped me to form a philosophy behind that effect that led me to the routine that won awards , and the applause of my audiences.

Magic is a little different from most of the arts because the whole realm of what we do revolves around secrets.  Dancers, painters, musicians and other artists can show a  spectator how a step, technique or song is done and that will not necessarily lead to the spectator being able to duplicate the feat.  A magician, especially stage magicians and illusionists cannot do this without the spectator being able to duplicate the feat, however crudely the presentation.  Does this make magic less of an art form?  I do not think so.  I do think that it means that the magician must work harder than any other artist on philosophy, technique and presentation.  Without skills in these areas, we are no better than people who  paint by numbers and call it art or people that paint ceramic statues and expect it to be called anything but a craft.  Sure,  a magician can follow all the steps and the effect will work, but until the presentation is perfect, it is not art.

This leads me to the subject of tutelage, or" lessons."  A dancer can take a dance class and get better. So can many other types of artists.  Since magic is grounded as much in the mechanical as in the technical, learning how more and more magic works does not necessarily make you a better magician.  In order for a magician to become a better magician, he/she has to not only study magic, but acting and dance as well. What younger magicians have to be taught is not the secrets to the tricks, but the frame of mind they need to perform real magic. It is not good enough to merely fool the audience, you must make them believe that what you did could have actually happened, much to the dismay of their eyes and the logical part of their brain.

Many magic teachers make the mistake of teaching a student an effect, and a routine, but rarely touch base on the "why." Why does this mis-direction work when another will not?  Why does the move need to be here rather than a different moment?  The concept of the why is something that most magicians are left to develop on their own, well after they have learned bad habits and well after they have been doing bad magic for many years.  Many magic teachers are not capable of passing on this knowledge because in most magicians it never fully develops into a  solid philosophy. In some magicians, it tries to gel and becomes a river of muddy sludge,  and some magicians think that the secret is the thing, making their teaching ineffective and their magic mediocre at best.

The sad fact is, many magicians go through life never having a good teacher and muddle through show after show, learning on their own things that could have been taught to them at a much earlier level.  There are several magicians that consult and offer advice specifically to magicians.  This is a costly solution and one a beginning magician can avoid.  Young magicians should take magic lessons not from a magician, but from a competent acting coach. 

The magic in a magic show is secondary to the showmanship required to pull it off.  Nearly anyone can make the tricks work. It takes a magician to turn a trick into magic.

Unlike performers of sleight of hand,  who spend hours practicing in front of a mirror before being able to fool an audience, a budding illusionist can buy an illusion and with only basic knowledge of its workings, can get on stage and blunder through it. Performing  sleight of hand before it's ready would only make the magician look like an idiot.  It would fool no one.  Because illusions generally contain mechanics or an assistant that help the effect work,  an illusion requires less dexterity and, some people think, less rehearsal.  The effect still works and though the audience will still be fooled to a certain extent,  it gives a bad name to the blundering performer and on a larger scale to all magicians trying to find honest work.  Properly rehearsing an illusion is boring, tiring and can be very expensive, especially if you have to rent rehearsal space and pay your assistants.  The time and money spent is well worth it if you use the time and your brain wisely. To start a point that will be expanded later, video taping your rehearsals is not an option, it is a necessity. You cannot fix what is wrong if you cannot see what is wrong. You cannot see what is wrong if you are handcuffed in a box on stage.

The lack of commitment to proper rehearsal and the "I know the method so I can do it now" attitude come from each magician’s grounding  in magic.  If first exposure was in a book, and they read and followed the directions and warnings of the book, then the new magician is more likely to rehearse and carefully routine a new item before adding it to his/her repertoire. 

If first exposure came from a catalog or from a trick in  a box, the more likely the student was to listen to those instructions and think that all magic was "E-Z" and he/she could do it "with no practice, just five minutes after reading the instructions."  Trivializing the secret and the importance of rehearsal gives young magicians a bad foundation on which to build the habits of their careers.

There have been several "Ages" in the history of the world. The Stone Age. The Ice Age. The Bronze Age. The Industrial Revolution.  We are currently creating the Age of information. The speed and accuracy that information is passed on has changed dramatically since the invention of the telephone, which was once thought to be the most miraculous invention of the age. Information can be passed more quickly and more easily than ever before.  Technology has had a profound effect on magic and on its popularity.

The early twentieth century brought us Vaudeville and the thought that the secret of a magic effect was really worth something.  There are stories of people being killed for the secret to an effect.  I don't know if these stories are true, but it does illustrate the point.  Audiences thought that magic was special and took discipline and skill beyond that of ordinary human beings.

During wartime in the forties, there was a surge in the popularity of magic and hobby books and Adam's magic sets. Magic became a popular pastime. Magic became available in five and dime stores.  The secrets and discipline became less important.   Soon after this, came the invasion of television. In the sixties came Marshall Brodien, hawking his wares during commercials and, later, Mark Wilson on his Magic Circus inspiring millions of youngsters nationwide.  In the seventies there was a mysterious outbreak of E-Z magic, Magic Hat Magic and Doug Henning.  Magic had swung full circle from the art form it had become in the twenties, to a hobby available in toy stores and a travesty whose most sacred secrets were given away in Dover Paperbacks and the back of cereal boxes.

The past several years have seen magic and philosophy merge slowly.  The wonderous magic of Doug Henning, the beautiful magic of David Copperfield, the clever magic and solutions of Jim Steinmeyer and the philosophic ramblings of Eugene Burger, Jay Sankey  and others has started the restoration of magic to the art form that it once was.  The discipline required to perform it is being preached and is slowly being listened to. It is imperative that the E-Z Magic generation is taught that magic is not  possible to accomplish five minutes after the box containing the trick is opened.  Making magic is not merely the action of making the "trick" work.  Magic requires making the audience believe as much as the magician should.  The magic must start within the basic belief system of the magician.

Building a solid foundation is good in any art. It is vitally important in magic because a good magical philosophy is the only thing that separates the hobbyists from the professionals.  When an artist practices painting, he becomes a better painter. The same goes with dancing and, to some extent, singing.  Magic is less of a concrete art form.  You can't practice magic.  Real magic doesn't exist. You can only practice  the performance of  magic. Like an actor, the more you rehearse the more believable your art becomes.  You have to believe in what you are doing as much as the audience does. You have to believe that what you are performing are not mere tricks, you have to believe that you are performing what your audience perceives you to be performing.

My biggest piece of advice to beginning magicians is to learn all that they can not only about magic, but about theater as well.  Any performer that knows about acting, sets, lights, and  costumes is going to be  much stronger than a performer that merely has a working knowledge of his props and nothing about the space in which they are performed.

My other piece of advice is to be aware of the fact that there is such a thing as bad magic.  Catalogs tout the wonders of many tricks and give glowing praise to the inventors of the curiosities within their pages.  What they fail to remind us it that the object behind the catalog is not to sell us good magic, but to sell us magic, period.  It is said over and over that any trick in the right hands can be a miracle. I think that saying was invented by a dealer trying to sell a piece of crap to a magician whose ego he was stroking.

The specific definition of bad magic is a little vague and is hard to pin down.   An effect that offers unclear magic is bad magic.  If you can perform an effect for a group of people that don’t understand your language and keep them amazed, that’s pretty good magic.  With rare exceptions, good magic should be able to stand on its own and any patter added to the routine is just icing on the cake. 

If you expect the audience to assume anything in order to fool them, the magic is bad. 
Any effect  invented to clone an existing effect, but designed to fool magicians familiar with the original  effect is often bad magic.   Very often the difference in the effect is not substantial enough to warrant the new version.  Magically speaking, if it only fools magicians, it probably is too technical to make it worth the time it takes to desert the old effect and learn the new one. 
I’m not saying that good magic should be performed as a pantomime, just that it should be able to be and still be effective. Developing good patter to go along with good magic is a challenge in itself.

A bad illusion is one where the audience sees it, and either can't figure out the magic or  can't figure out what was supposed to happen without substantial explanation.  See: nearly every packet card effect or trick with multiple climaxes.  Any illusion that has the audience thinking immediately of a possible solution,  even if it is a “sucker” trick, and even if the supposed solution is wrong, is bad magic. If the audience has come up with a solution, even if they are mistaken,  they have still have a viable answer in their own minds.  Arguing with them over their solution of the secret often only drives them closer to the actual  secret.  I've seen magicians reveal a secret to an effect they saw on TV  to a layman  just to prove  the layman had the wrong solution.  That's the sign of a bad magician.  Other examples of bad magic need examination on a more individual basis.  If you see an effect and can't figure out what was supposed to happen the first time, more than likely, the audience won't either.  Remember though, there is a big difference between what is categorized as bad magic and what is categorized as a bad magician.  Get them together and you have what I call Deadly Magic.

Deadly Magic is often performed by magicians that refuse to think for themselves. These are magicians that perform a routine word for word from the instructions or from another magician's routine.  These are the magicians that perform magic for themselves rather than their audiences.  These are magicians that perform ugly "box magic" and don't repaint it because they think that the designs are pretty or they figure that they paid good money for the prop and that painting it would  ruin it.

I've seen many illusionists that have the money to buy the props and none of the talent to perform them well and make them exciting. They roll the boxes around and the girls climb in and out, but there is no mystery or interest in what  is happening.  Having the props is not enough.  Costuming your assistants in next to no clothing is not enough. Only weeks of planning and rehearsal and work are enough and even then, there are magicians with  no talent. These are magicians that work regularly  with small circuses and Las Vegas.  The illusions are performed as quickly as possible with as many lights as they can fit on the prop but with all of the originality of a Disney Kids sit-com. 

One of the purposes of this article is to offer alternatives to these magicians and to the standard presentations that we have come to expect from mediocre magicians that can buy the props  but don't have the imagination to make the routines exciting.

This is not a treatise about secrets.  If you are interested in illusion enough to read this, you should have at least a rudimentary knowledge of basic secrets.

I once had a magician who was much older and more experienced than me compliment me on an effect that I had invented and brought to a local Society of American Magicians meeting.  He told me that he'd never be able to invent magic like that because he did not like to think that much.  At that moment, I lost all respect that I had for him as a magician.  People who do not think, whether it be scientifically or creatively, are the kind of people that mooch routines off other magicians and mooch life off  the rest of society. There is no room for this in a field that has been mooching for far too long.  The thinkers are getting bored and sick of those that don't, won't or can't.

This is a tribute of all the magicians and producers that can take a standard illusion and turn it into something special, something beyond the ordinary by adding a new twist, a special moment or a sense of humor.  This can be a good start for magicians that can't think for themselves or simply don't want to because they don't want to take the risks.  I can not offer the secret of instant success.

Thinking is not difficult, it just takes practice.  Creativity is not difficult, it just takes practice.  Putting them both together is not difficult, it just takes practice.  Just put one foot in front of the other and keep on truckin’. Remember you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.

Monday, April 11, 2011

a gaggle of trashcans, a flock of trashcans, a pride of trashcans...?

The last of their kind!  I have just a few of the Tiny Tricky Trashcans left.  Smart  in inventive school show magicians are snapping them up!!

Time to save a couple of pennies... and get yours before they're gone!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Funny Story from the second paid show I ever did!!!

One of the funniest moments in my show came early in my career doing this routine!!

I had a little girl initial a penny... Made it vanish using my favorite method; and then made it appear in the box, in another box, in a bag, in a ball of string. I handed her the initialed penny... and asked.. "IS THAT YOUR PENNY?"

She said no.

I asked "Is that your initials on the penny?"

She said yes

I asked "There can't be another penny in the whole world that you signed your initials on right?"

She said of course not.

I asked "So that must be your penny right?"

She said no.

I asked her why she thought that wasn't her penny.

She said simply "Because my penny wasn't in the box!"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Tricky Trash Can is ALMOST READY!!! FINAL version and pricing coming at the end of next week or so.

I've finally put one of the Tricky Trash Cans together... mostly. It's not quite done.. but its closer than ever.

I 'm waiting for one part to come in the mail.. and then this incredible untility device should be ready for shipping the end of next week or early the following.

It comes with TWO routines... one a kidshow story.. and one environmental magic story by magician/author/ consultant Walt Anthony... the genius behind the stories and routines for the Topsy Turvy Bottles and the Mis Made Monster!

I only have 15 of these... but if demand is good.. I'll make more..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spend the day in the shop....

I love working in my shop... I took all the pieces to the new Tiny Tricky Trash can..  got most of the pieces cut out... and then realized that a HUGE part of my plan was KA-PUT.

I figured out the solution.. but it just adds time onto construction.. but not in a super bad way.. just a different way.

These trash cans will be MADE to LAST!  The mirrors are full 1/8 in mirror.. backed in 1/2" Birch Ply.  Heavy Duty Magic at it's Finest.

New production in the works...

A teddy bear production based on an ENTIRELY NEW MAGIC PRINCIPLE is on it's way. I GUARANTEE you that no magic trick has EVER used this technology (it's low-ish tech.. but amazing)..  it's not a walk around.. but you can set several up at once if you like if you have more than one show a day. I don't want to give too much away.. but this has been going through R&D for MONTHS and will be totally amazing.. I swear the demo video will not be edited in ANY way, though it looks like real magic

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Los of new and exciting stuff on the way

I've had more ideas and request for new stuff in the last two weeks than I've had in YEARS..

so.. Keep any eye out for:

A new prop with a recycling theme.

a new prop "Where the Wild Thing is"...

and a new torture trick that puts the rest of the "hand choppers" to SHAME.

also.. much farther down the road.. MOUSERTRAP!... based on the board game.. but with several twists... and a spectator's IPHONE.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new stuff in the works....

I was hit in the head today by an idea.. all I needed was a US supplier for the stuff I needed to make it work!  I think i found it...  and wait till you see what I have in the works!

It's all about recycling.. perfect for school shows!!  It'll come with a GREAT routine.. and a wonderful prop.

There are hurtles to overcome.. but that's why I'm a designer! Challenges are my forté!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sadly.. the pre-publication prices are over..

You'll notice that the prices on the website are a bit higher than the prices on the first blog post..
 there was a pre-website publication special..and now that the website is up and running that special is sadly over.


The good news is that I have a fresh stock of EVEN MORE IMPROVED Topsy Turvey Soda Bottles and the Mis-Made Monsters still have about half of the original stock left. 

Once the orgininal stock of Topsy Turvy bottles is gone (and I only have 7 left).. I00 of the newer and even more improved sets will be made!

PS.. Thanks to Jim Spinnato at Ring 63 SAM for the GREAT plug on their site!!

The new website is LIVE!!!

and i'm going to link the blog to it.. so you 'll have the latest news.. no matter how boring and trivial!!

Got word from Paul at Hocus Pocus that their original order of TopsyTurvy bottles is almost gone.. in just about 2 and a half weeks!!  Holy Crap!!

in the meantime.. go to and order one of everything!

Monday, February 7, 2011

WOW... Better than I could have EVER asked for!!

I have to say... it's amazing to me how one can wish for something.. and with enough hard work, planning, and follow through, your dreams can come true!!

Wack-o-Magic has only two props on the market and BOTH of them are dangerously  close to selling out BEFORE even have my website and store up and working!!!

Holy Moses!!

Not that I'm complaining.. i can always make more.. 

Here are the Mis-Made Monsters... sitting waiting for people to love them and buy them and pet them and call them George...

Don't you wish YOU had one?

You'd better buy it now.. the next set made will go up in price about a hundred dollars.. I'm charging FAR too little for the amount of work that goes into them.. and  the next batch will be a bit closer to what I'm considering fair market value for materials and hours put into them.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lets give a BIG thank you to Paul Osborne....

Paul Osborne, writer/designer/performer, just gave Wack-o-Magic a WONDERFUL writeup on his blog!

I couldn't do as good a job telling you how fabulous I am... so just read it yourself.. and see the nice things he writes about me!

I am excited to announce Michael Mosher's new magic manufacturing company, Wack-O Magic! His first two releases are terrific, and if you don’t mind a review, I can tell you his Topsy Turvey Soda bottles are the best I have seen, 
and I have seen them all from P&L to Grant’s Black Cherry versions. His are better, current, realistic and improved over all the others, and the best news is the price. As a great audience participation trick, this one can’t be beat!

I love the Strat-o-spheres as a prop. I’ve never understood why it wasn’t called the stop light trick, but who cares? Mike made a new version that is totally logical. Remember in the movies how they assembled Frankenstein? Now you can, too. Yes, it’s the monster that can’t be assembled, or can he? Like the movie, which was not a Halloween release, this prop can be featured year round!  The other cool thing is that this Frankenstein is a cute little guy so he’s perfect for kid shows. Another new and clever magical prop from Michael Mosher.

Check them out!

Finally, Mike has the capability to make custom feet for your illusions. 

I am sure you can look to more creative magic props from the fertile mind of Michael Mosher and his new company, Wack-o-Magic!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

WOW.. i'm humbled and amazed.. and happy... and boy do I feel old.. all at the same time!

A couple of years ago, I was in San Fransisco watching a good friend  perform a magic show with several of his other magician friends.
One magician in particular stood out, so I waited after the show to congratulate him.

I introduced myself.  "Hello, I'm Michael Mosher."
the magician immediately asked;  " Are you Michael Mosher, TheWorld'sGreatestMagician? asked the  performer, blurring that phrase into all one word.

I humbly replied.. "Well.. what I saw you do tonight was great.. I just came over to tell you that I loved your work."

He told me a story.

"When I was little, I used to go to a restaurant that you performed at on Sunday mornings. I used to have my parents take me there EVERY week to see you do magic from table to table.  You're the reason that I'm a magician today!"

I was flabbergasted for so many reasons. He was a grown man and that made me feel old.  He was talking about a job I had when I was in HIGHSCHOOL 3,000 miles away in Connecticut!!

You NEVER  know how you're going to affect someones life, and you never know when you're going to bump into them again.  So.. the moral of the story?  Be nice to EVERYONE. Treat EVERYONE with respect. You NEVER know when you'll bump into someone that you've affected in some way or another.  I'd rather have a positive effect than have someone go through their whole life thinking I'm an @$$Ho%@.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My first blog post! Welcome to Wack-0-Magic!!

Pre-website prices! 10% off until the website goes live!  Mismade monster is post paid in the continental US.
Sadly.. the Topsy Turvy Bottle trick will NOT be postpaid.  I just took one to the post office and it cost me $8 bucks to send it to Dallas....  I simply can't absorb that. I'll split the difference and charge $5 for shipping.

write to me at and I'll tell you how to Paypal!