Saturday, February 19, 2011

Los of new and exciting stuff on the way

I've had more ideas and request for new stuff in the last two weeks than I've had in YEARS..

so.. Keep any eye out for:

A new prop with a recycling theme.

a new prop "Where the Wild Thing is"...

and a new torture trick that puts the rest of the "hand choppers" to SHAME.

also.. much farther down the road.. MOUSERTRAP!... based on the board game.. but with several twists... and a spectator's IPHONE.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new stuff in the works....

I was hit in the head today by an idea.. all I needed was a US supplier for the stuff I needed to make it work!  I think i found it...  and wait till you see what I have in the works!

It's all about recycling.. perfect for school shows!!  It'll come with a GREAT routine.. and a wonderful prop.

There are hurtles to overcome.. but that's why I'm a designer! Challenges are my forté!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sadly.. the pre-publication prices are over..

You'll notice that the prices on the website are a bit higher than the prices on the first blog post..
 there was a pre-website publication special..and now that the website is up and running that special is sadly over.


The good news is that I have a fresh stock of EVEN MORE IMPROVED Topsy Turvey Soda Bottles and the Mis-Made Monsters still have about half of the original stock left. 

Once the orgininal stock of Topsy Turvy bottles is gone (and I only have 7 left).. I00 of the newer and even more improved sets will be made!

PS.. Thanks to Jim Spinnato at Ring 63 SAM for the GREAT plug on their site!!

The new website is LIVE!!!

and i'm going to link the blog to it.. so you 'll have the latest news.. no matter how boring and trivial!!

Got word from Paul at Hocus Pocus that their original order of TopsyTurvy bottles is almost gone.. in just about 2 and a half weeks!!  Holy Crap!!

in the meantime.. go to and order one of everything!

Monday, February 7, 2011

WOW... Better than I could have EVER asked for!!

I have to say... it's amazing to me how one can wish for something.. and with enough hard work, planning, and follow through, your dreams can come true!!

Wack-o-Magic has only two props on the market and BOTH of them are dangerously  close to selling out BEFORE even have my website and store up and working!!!

Holy Moses!!

Not that I'm complaining.. i can always make more.. 

Here are the Mis-Made Monsters... sitting waiting for people to love them and buy them and pet them and call them George...

Don't you wish YOU had one?

You'd better buy it now.. the next set made will go up in price about a hundred dollars.. I'm charging FAR too little for the amount of work that goes into them.. and  the next batch will be a bit closer to what I'm considering fair market value for materials and hours put into them.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lets give a BIG thank you to Paul Osborne....

Paul Osborne, writer/designer/performer, just gave Wack-o-Magic a WONDERFUL writeup on his blog!

I couldn't do as good a job telling you how fabulous I am... so just read it yourself.. and see the nice things he writes about me!

I am excited to announce Michael Mosher's new magic manufacturing company, Wack-O Magic! His first two releases are terrific, and if you don’t mind a review, I can tell you his Topsy Turvey Soda bottles are the best I have seen, 
and I have seen them all from P&L to Grant’s Black Cherry versions. His are better, current, realistic and improved over all the others, and the best news is the price. As a great audience participation trick, this one can’t be beat!

I love the Strat-o-spheres as a prop. I’ve never understood why it wasn’t called the stop light trick, but who cares? Mike made a new version that is totally logical. Remember in the movies how they assembled Frankenstein? Now you can, too. Yes, it’s the monster that can’t be assembled, or can he? Like the movie, which was not a Halloween release, this prop can be featured year round!  The other cool thing is that this Frankenstein is a cute little guy so he’s perfect for kid shows. Another new and clever magical prop from Michael Mosher.

Check them out!

Finally, Mike has the capability to make custom feet for your illusions. 

I am sure you can look to more creative magic props from the fertile mind of Michael Mosher and his new company, Wack-o-Magic!