Monday, July 28, 2014

Sorry for the delay.. and a secret set of updates!!!

I know it's been a long time since this blog has been updated.. and i promise it won't be that long again.

I've been working on a TV show called The ORIGINALS.. working out of Atlanta Georgia.  That's about 2000 miles away from the shop at Wack-o-Magic.

That's why you haven't heard much about new magic.. and why you haven't heard much from me.

The show is great... the peopel are nice.. but it makes it virtually impossible to put new magic onto the market.

That may change with Wack-o's next release... if all goes well I'm going to team up for the FIRST time with another magic company.. either Hocus Pocus or Theory 11 to put out a JUMBO Coin 3-FLY!   It's NEVER BEEN DONE.. and for good reason. It's a stage version of a close up effect that takes practice.  It's hard.  It's new.  It's been tested by Kyle Ravin, a wonderful magician in Singapore.. and now it's coming to America via the wonderful magic of download and DVD.. The shells will be made by me.. possibly in a variety of coins.

I can probably make a shell out of virtually any 3" jumbo coin.. but I'd rather keep it simple.

Anyway.. that's the story for wack-o's delay... I'm sorry I'm not putting out more magic.. but That INFERNAL CONTRAPTION is here.. and it's wonderful.. and the Jumbo Three Fly will be out in a few months.. and it's going to be wondeful.

I'm wonderful.. and wack-o is NOT going out of business... probably ever.. but certianly not int he next decade.. I have a mile long list of stuff that hasn't been made yet.. and stuff I need to re-release that's not currently available.. Grimoire's are in my future.... really.. improved and just as amazing... but sadly about 30% more expensive.

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